Hybrid audience

A hybrid audience, an integrated class or a class with shared attendance - a new reality and new teaching methods.

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What is the need for a hybrid audience in higher education?

We created this innovative solution - Hybrid Audience not only for the long struggle of universities with COVID, but also because education has changed forever and requires a new, more flexible and personalized approach to learning with modern IT capabilities, without time and place restrictions. A hybrid audience is the solution that will support your learning process in any quarantine, just as it is in universities around the world.
The hybrid audience helps universities build an exciting learning process for remote and blended learning models to meet the challenges of the times. The hybrid classroom unites students who are in the classroom and at a distance in a single learning space.
All prestigious universities in the world have been helped by the hybrid audience to maintain the integrity of learning for students in the classroom and for distance, as well as to introduce a new, innovative approach to free access to content and high quality learning regardless of student location.

Hybrid Audience

General characteristics of the hybrid audience

Hybrid audience is a powerful set of innovative IT equipment, professional AV equipment, software and educational services that provide students and teachers with a sense of living energy, as if they were all in the same classroom, auditorium.
The hybrid classroom has a safe, equitable, exciting learning process and seamless exchange of educational content that is suitable for both remote and students who are in the classroom.
Using information display galleries, you can create your own unique format of work and give all participants in the learning process the opportunity to choose the desired image on the home screen of your device.

Hybrid Audience example

The most difficult thing in the organization of hybrid learning is to join the remote learning technologies of the physical space of the audience. It is necessary that:

● The whiteboard and all study materials were clearly visible both in the classroom and for distant students;● A teacher near the department could easily identify any student (even in a mask);● The teacher's interaction with students in the classroom and at a distance was comfortable;● All students (in class and away) could hear and see each other;● The lecture was recorded and uploaded to the institution's server for re-viewing.

New visual experiences for collaboration and learning create scenes with the effect of virtual presence. Each institution can create its own background theme using the identity of the institution.

Technology of creating a hybrid audience

The main principle of a hybrid audience is to maintain the integrity of learning for students in the classroom and for remote students, create a familiar learning environment and interact with the teacher face to face and provide eye contact, as is the case in a normal classroom.
To create this experience you need:

● Ensure that all listeners are displayed on audience screens, including those connected by videoconference;● Set a separate screen on which the speaker (teacher or student) speaking into the microphone will be automatically displayed;● Install the cameras so that students on the remote can see the same picture as if they were in the audience and the content that is broadcast on the screens;● Install an interactive monitor at the department for teacher interaction with all students;● Mount an interactive panel with the function of a whiteboard, Internet access and the ability to broadcast presentations to all students participating in the lecture;● Provide a recording of the lecture along with all audiovisual content broadcast and provide access to the recording to all participants immediately after each lecture.

Photo HBS

We must also not forget about the software that will help the teacher not only intuitively, without the help of a team of engineers, to manage the equipment, but also to combine a large number of screens that display various necessary information.
In the concept of a hybrid audience, all students, even those in the classroom, must enter the video conference from their personal devices to participate in lively discussions. Students in the classroom can use headphones and interact with students in discussions using a special feature.
Webcams in front and back of the classroom give remote students a sense of presence so that distant students can see the teacher, the board, the content, and the entire audience.

Hybrid audience creation technology

If your audience already has multimedia equipment (such as a projector, screen, speakers, and microphones, etc.), it can be integrated into a hybrid audience infrastructure.
Of course, working in a hybrid classroom will be a new learning experience for the teacher. It will be necessary to teach two groups of students at once - in the classroom and in the virtual. Therefore, teacher training includes acquaintance with the new physical-virtual learning environment and practical mastery of a fairly simple algorithm that will ensure high quality learning process, communication, control of joint and individual work of students, as if all are in one classroom.

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