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Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams

Recording Insights - is a state-of-the-art cloud solution for recording Microsoft Teams communications

The application allows you to significantly expand the functionality of Microsoft Teams and solve such problems as:

    Secure and centralized storage of communications in Microsoft Teams, including chat, audio and video
    Creation of recording rules in accordance with the current needs of the company
    Providing automatic stenography of meetings and meetings in remote workplaces
    Transcription of audio and video calls into text for further analysis, keyword tagging, full-text search
    Indexing of all video streams, which simplifies further processing and allows you to use records for training
    Call translation for foreign managers
    Saving business chat of employee communications
    Creating reports on calls
    Regulatory compliance - preventive identification of problems in communications, potential elements of fraud, as well as prevention of situations that could lead to violations of legislation, regulations, damage to reputation, fines, etc.
    Secure storage of records in accordance with international standards of information protection and encryption

Product functionality

Thanks to the cloud architecture and easy installation, you are just a step away from additional benefits.

1. Record all internal and external communications performed using Microsoft Teams, including:

● Individual chats● Group chats● One-to-one calls● Group calls● Video meetings and video calls

2. Creating communication recording scripts

Record only the calls you need with the flexible filtering system.

3. Role-based security model

Allows you to flexibly configure access rights to records

4. Automatic user recognition

Executed by integration with Azure Active Directory

5. Data storage in the Azure cloud

● Extensive redundancy (including geographically dispersed redundancy)● Data encryption● PCI-DSS certification compliance

6. Analysis of records using cognitive services, which allows:

● Create a text version of the conversation● Analyze the emotional content of the conversation● Translate calls● Process the video and describe it in text● Automatically highlight keywords● Perform a full-text search on all indexed records

Recording Insights vs Teams default functions comparison



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Cognitive services

Enhanced record analysis capabilities through the use of state-of-the-art technology.
Recognition of 40 main languages and the ability to translate into 64.

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Deep integration

The recording system was developed in close cooperation with Microsoft, which allowed to integrate into the product natively, without using any components from third parties. This has made installation and integration almost invisible and provides high reliability and control over all stored data.

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Reducing costs

The system is deployed on the basis of Microsoft Teams and in addition to the initial setup does not require attention from the IT department, thus saving them time and money.

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Security and failover ready

All data is stored in the cloud, and additionally encrypted to ensure the most reliable storage. Also, thanks to the access control system and role model, you always control who and which records can be accessed.

Automatic data backup when writing and placing in one of the most modern cloud services allows you to minimize the risk of data loss.

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