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Innovative technologies for a modern workspace

Interactive technology is simple and effective. They make collaboration and negotiation more mobile, making it possible for teams around the world to collaborate as easily as meeting in one room

Take a marker and write on the interactive panel


Go to the panel and it will turn on automatically. Take a marker and write. You already know how to work with the panel.

Show the screen of your personal device on an interactive display


The panel works with any device - smartphones, tablets and computers.

All notes are easy to save or send


Make notes in the format of your files, save or send the results by e-mail.

Collaborate on a document from anywhere in the world


Anyone can imitate and contribute to a joint document from anywhere in the world.

Use of interactive panels in meeting rooms

interactive panels

They provide real-time collaboration, allow you to work with content with the touch of a finger, mark any documents with electronic ink, save and send the work to participants via e-mail or messengers.


SMART Board interactive panels


Donview interactive panels


Newline interactive panels


Enables teams to interact with all types of dynamic content - images, PDFs, Microsoft Office® files, websites and videos. With the app, participants can contribute to a connected interactive whiteboard from their devices as easily as their colleagues can directly on the interactive whiteboard.

SMART TeamWorks

SMART TeamWorks software

Screen sharing system

Allows you to display images of the desktop of a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone on an interactive panel or large screen without installing applications or connecting cables. If several computers participate in the presentation, it is enough to connect to each of them and the image will appear on the screen.

Barco Clickshare

Barco Clickshare system screen sharing

Crestron Airmedia

Crestron Airmedia system screen sharing

Kramer VIA GO

Kramer VIA GO system screen sharing

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