Notification system

The notification system is necessary for warning and timely informing people in settlements and in the territories of enterprises about the danger of an emergency situation, air or other alarm. The lack of a warning system can lead to consequences of varying degrees of severity. Therefore, each settlement should have its own local notification system, if possible combined with the notification system of the territorial community, district, region.

Low-power alarm systems

Notification systems can have different power to provide information and warning to the population, in the relevant territory, area.

Option 1

Option 1 of the notification system 1x30 W

1х30 W

Option 2

Option 2 of the notification system 2x15 W

2х15 W

Option 3

Option 3 of the 3x10 W alarm system

3х10 W

The low-power public address system includes a 30-watt mixer-amplifier, a microphone on a flexible neck, and loudspeakers of varying power. Easy connection of loudspeakers to the amplifier with a cable of SHVVP or PVS.

Powerful alert systems

Powerful alert systems

Option 1

2 loudspeakers of 50 W each (with the possibility of expansion to 4 loudspeakers)

Option 2

4 loudspeakers of 50 W each

The powerful public address system includes a broadcast (100V) 240W mixer-amplifier, a call station with flexible neck microphone and 50W loudspeakers with IP66 protection.
The mixer has 6 output zones with the ability to adjust the volume for each zone. Inputs – 4 microphone and 2 line level signal sources. You can also play files from a USB flash drive, SD card or via Bluetooth. There is also a built-in FM tuner.
Calling station with the possibility of choosing a message zone, a combination with a twisted-pair amplifier up to 1 km.
The size of the loudspeakers (WxHxD) is 360x255x315 mm, weight with mounting is 4 kg.
Easy connection of loudspeakers to the amplifier with a cable of SHVVP or PVS.

IP notification system

IP notification system

The IP alarm system can provide centralized signal transmission via cable, optical or wireless IP channels, which ensures high reliability and flexible management.
The set of IP notification system includes equipment for the control room located in the administrative center of the community and the necessary number of sets of equipment for location in all settlements of the community, one in each settlement.
Installation work and consumables are calculated separately.

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