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Identity Management Solution

CA Identity Manager helps improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of IT organizations by providing a scalable and configurable identity management foundation that can organize your identity information within the context of your unique business roles and processes. It helps streamline the on-boarding and off-boarding of users, enables the business to manage access requests and automates identity compliance processes. It also can be deployed in minutes rather than days through the use of pre-configured use cases and a virtual appliance deployment model.

Business Challenges

Organizations are seeking solutions that automate identity-related processes throughout the enterprise—from the mainframe to the cloud, across employees, contractors, partners and customers. The result is a smarter, more efficiently managed infrastructure that helps IT save money, reduce risk and deliver a more reliable service.

Whether applications reside in the enterprise or the cloud, managing the identities and access of users to key resources is a critical function for IT organizations that are under increasing pressure to cut operating costs while demonstrating continuous compliance. They must also deal with other challenges such as:

Mitigating risks

Protect critical systems, applications, and information from unauthorized access and use.

Reducing costs

Increase efficiency and productivity, without sacrificing security.

Maintaining compliance

Efficiently prove compliance with internal policies, regulations, and best practices.

Support business initiatives

Adopt new technologies easily (such as virtualization and cloud) that support business initiatives.

Solution Overview

CA Identity Manager delivers a unified approach for managing users' identities throughout their entire lifecycle and providing them with timely, appropriate access to applications and data.

CA Identity Manager can be used to organize identity information within the context of an organization's unique business roles and processes. It helps streamline the on-boarding and off-boarding of users, enables the business to manage access requests and automates identity compliance processes. CA Identity Manager contains a range of features for managing identities and access rights, and meeting identity compliance requirements.

CA Identity Manager can increase operational efficiency and user productivity while decreasing help desk workload and costs. In addition, the CA Technologies approach to identity management and administration helps improve your overall security posture with a consistent, auditable method for managing identity-related activities and a platform to help maintain adherence to regulations.

Key features

User provisioning and deprovisioning

Automate account provisioning, removal, and approval processes throughout the user's entire lifecycle with customizable workflows.

Customization without custom code

Powerful features such as ConfigXpress, PolicyXpress, and ConnectorXpress let you customize your identity management infrastructure without custom code.

User self-service

Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Enable users to manage attributes of their own identities, reset passwords and request access to resources, easing the IT and help desk burden.

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Securing on-premise and cloud applications

Provide centralized control of identities, users, roles and policies across on-premises and cloud applications.

Easy Deployment

Deployment Xpress and virtual appliance makes deployment quick and easy.


Critical Differentiators

The graphic on the right highlights the components of the CA Identity Suite, including the provisioning, workflow, and identity administration capabilities of CA Identity Manager. The identity portal provides an intuitive, business-oriented experience specifically tailored for the needs of the business user. CA Identity Manager provides a highly scalable end-to- end solution for automating and improving the many time-consuming tasks associated with identity management. This flexible approach allows you to leverage functionality at your own pace and starting in the areas where you have the most pressing need.

Deployment Xpress simplifies the process of deploying

common identity management use cases (password reset, etc).
Pick the use cases you need, and the basic code and policies are automatically created for you—simple and easy, without the need for custom code.

CA Identity Manager also delivers integration to other CA IAM solutions, including CA Identity Governance, CA Single Sign-On and CA Strong Authentication.

CA Technologies supports a complete approach to identity management by supplementing technology with comprehensive services and educational offerings. CA Technologies has the experience and proven methodologies needed to help you implement identity management in a way that delivers rapid results now and into the future.

Key Benefits/Results

    Prevent non-compliant provisioning activities
    Eliminate guess work when providing access to users based on their roles
    Enable user-based access requests and approvals without involving the help desk
    Provide employees, contractors, and partners with access to the applications they need on the day they start, and easily remove when they end

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