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SMART TeamWorks

For intellectual workers who need a universal environment for collaboration and decision-making

Versatility without distractions…

The meeting room of the past
A modern meeting room
Meeting room of the past mobile version
Modern meeting room mobile version

Create a space with all the key meeting featuresConnect your presentation by cable or wirelessly. Use a whiteboard and electronic ink. Share information to work on joint projects. Plan your meetings.

SMART TeamWorks is compatible with any conferencing platform

Services and programs for online negotiations

SMART TeamWorks

● The SMART interactive panel automatically turns on when you enter the room and displays the meeting calendar, date and time. ● Integration with Microsoft Exchange allows you to schedule meetings quickly and easily● Schedule a meeting in the Exchange calendar, start Skype and configure the workspace with one touch● Customize the application interface according to their needs

SMART TeamWorks on the SMART Board interactive panel

SMART TeamWorks is an endless space for dynamic content

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