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SMART Learning Suite (SLS)

The world's best software designer for creating interactive slides, interesting lessons, tasks and surveys

Learn what teachers can do in the SMART Learning Suite

Interactive tasks

Educators can easily and quickly create dynamic and interactive tasks in SLS and display them directly on interactive whiteboards and SMART Board interactive panels.

Learning space

Students can use their personal devices to study the topic independently, to receive content from the teacher and broadcast information from their screen to the common learning space.

Gamified interactive tasks

Teachers can use specialized templates to create engaging, interactive games that students enjoy and engage in collaborative team work.

Exclamation, own opinion

The teacher can instantly get a personal opinion, students' understanding of the topic by creating questions on the fly that students can answer and send to the interactive whiteboard through their devices.

Powerful SMART Learning Suite tools

SMART Notebook

The world's best software for creating interactive slides, lessons, reference notes.


Class designer for creating interactive tasks with game elements, including and using personal devices.

SMART Response 2

A cloud-based solution for creating and conducting surveys and testing using personal devices.


SLS OnLine (Lumio by SMART)

A cloud-based solution for creating and conducting surveys and testing using personal devices.

Turn static slides into an engaging, interactive lesson with SLS

SMART Learning suite OnLine (Lumio by SMART)

Quickly and easily transform learning material into interactive lessons that engage your students on a whole new level.

Learn Online with SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART)
Seize the opportunity and try SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART), where it is easy to turn educational material into interactive lessons that encourage your students on a whole new level. Learn Online with SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART)
With SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART), it's incredibly easy for a teacher to deliver lessons to students' gadgets, whether they're learning in the classroom, remotely, or on an individual schedule.
Start by adding your favorite content, including PDFs, PowerPoints, Google Slides, YouTube videos, or lesson plans. Then bring it to life by adding images, text and videos. You can improve your lesson in SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART) with game-based tasks, ready-made content, and more. You can even create audio guides right in your browser so students can listen to them as many times as they want for advice and support anywhere, anytime!

SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART)

Students connect to your lesson in SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART) in a browser on any device, in the classroom or remotely via web conferencing.
Teach a lesson or allow students to learn at their own pace. You can easily change the teaching mode at any time with the push of a button.
Students work on their own copies of assignments while you monitor and provide real-time feedback via the assignment management panel.
Outside of class, students can continue learning on their own with your audio guidance.

Students connect to your lesson in SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART)

For more immersion in the learning process, you can add real-time surveys, assessments and game quizzes.
Connect students and encourage collaboration even remotely with whole class or small group activities in a shared workspace.
Students work together, add text, images, web links, write with e-ink, both in class and remotely.

Students work together at school and remotely

You can easily see which students have added and edited items and provide real-time feedback.
Once the project is complete, you and the students can review it later, recording everything you learned for the day.
SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART) works with all the learning environment tools you already use every day. This reduces the number of third-party applications, technical problems, simplifies learning and use for everyone.
Save time, build strong bonds and support your students everywhere. Make learning more expressive with SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART).
Try SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART) for free at suite.smarttech.com
SMART Learning Suite Online (Lumio by SMART) is also included in your SMART Learning Suite license.

Lumio by SMART

SMART Exchange

A unique resource for downloading and sharing interactive lessons, materials, and resources for SMART Board and interactive whiteboard use.

The SMART Exchange is a site where you can download and share interactive lessons, materials, and resources you need to work with your SMART whiteboard and interactive whiteboard.
Search by topic, subject and class, you have the option to download many different types of files. Upload the materials you've created and share them with other teachers.

SMART Exchange - download and share interactive lessons

Suppose you are looking for a lesson on the topic "fractions". You filter your search by fourth grade and select math by subject filter. On the search result page, you can change the "class" filter, because you have several students who need slightly more complicated tasks. So add 5th grade to your search. You can see that you can still change the "item" filter and select the resource type. When you've found the right division of fractions lesson, click on it and view thumbnails of each part of the lesson. Once you've decided on a file, you can immediately add it to your Smart Learning Suite or download it if you want to work with it in a Smart Notebook. You can now save this file to your online Smart Learning Suite account to add handouts, create a space for collaboration, assignments and assessments, and allow students to interact with this lesson using gadgets.
You can also share resources on Smart Exchange. When you click on the "share content" button at the top of the web page, you must sign in using your Microsoft or Google account. After signing in to your account, you can download content either by simply dragging and dropping a file, or by downloading it from your device. While the file is being uploaded, you can add information about this material that will help other teachers find it. Create a short and simple name for this file and complete the file with a brief description of the lesson.
You can also write a few keywords so that this material appears in the search results on the site. Specify the appropriate class and subject. If you mistakenly entered the name of the subject, you can cancel the selection by clicking on the check mark. You can also specify the material type.
After you click "share", your lesson will be reviewed by a moderator. While the lesson is being moderated, it will be in the "pending approval" tab. As soon as your lesson is confirmed, it will appear in the "shared resources" tab.
SMART also allows teachers to provide feedback on Smart Exchange. Just go to Smarttech.uservoice.com to make your opinion known. If you would like to know more about the best types of content to upload to Smart Exchange, visit the FAQ page a support.smarttech.com. Inspired by all this, what would you create and share?
Visit exchange.smarttech.com today!

SMART Exchange

A resource created just for you. Download and download modern interactive lessons, more than 60,000 ready-made lessons from around the world

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