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SMART Remote Management

The software allows administrators to centrally maintain, monitor and secure SMART Board® panels with iQ 3.0, as well as devices on iOS®, Android ™, Chrome OS ™ and Windows® from any web browser

Monitoring and diagnostics dashboards

SMART Remote Management monitoring and diagnostic dashboards

With intuitive monitoring and diagnostic dashboards, SMART Remote Management presents a consolidated picture of the entire set of users' devices with the ability to effectively manage them all, regardless of their location.
Owners of SMART Board interactive whiteboards can activate a subscription to SMART Remote Management by logging into the SMART Admin Portal. For detailed instructions on how to activate your SMART Remote Management subscription, you can contact your SMART interactive panel dealer.

SMART Remote Management is available to users of SMART Board interactive panels

Since 2018, SMART Remote Management software has been available to users of SMART interactive panels by subscription, but starting January 1, 2021, SMART Remote Management is integrated into every SMART interactive panel with an iQ 3.0 embedded computer and is supplied as a free subscription during the warranty period maintenance of SMART Board interactive panel, which is from 3 to 5 years.

The new SMART Remote Management cloud solution is an ideal tool for administering SMART Board interactive panels in an educational and business environment. Centrally manage and receive the necessary information about the status of SMART interactive panels and all third-party devices for Android, iOS, Chrome OS and Windows.

What is unique about SMART Remote Management

Unlike other mobile device management (MDM) solutions, SMART Remote Management software is configured to manage not only SMART Board interactive panels, but also third-party devices running iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows.
Also, SMART Remote Management supports setting up devices of the fifth type - SMART devices.

SMART Remote Management management of third-party iOS, Android, Chrome OS and Windows devices

The main features of SMART Remote Management

Support and assistance● Provide remote assistance by taking control of the device screen;● Initiate several support sessions simultaneously;● Centrally manage applications, devices and operating systems.Settings and updates (OS)● Enforce device, application, and Internet usage policies;● Optimize software downloads and OS updates for your entire fleet of devices.Security and alerts● Send instant messages to all devices;● Create a blacklist / whitelist of websites for users to access;● Create geofences and device location perimeters;● Track device location, block lost or stolen devices;● Set predefined triggers and alerts;● Send an alarm signal using the anti-theft module;● Send messages to your devices.Track devices and users● Information about all existing and active users;● Detailed reports on device usage;● Active and connected devices;● The latest device commands;● Device OS distribution.SMART Board з iQ● Set your SMART panels to go into sleep mode at a specific time;● Receive notifications if certain SMART panels are disabled;● Set a time when all SMART panels can receive software updates;● Place your interactive SMART panels in the necessary hierarchy, groups (for example, by classes, schools, districts ...) and move them.
Together with the SMART Remote Management software, you can remotely manage hundreds and thousands of SMART panels, third-party devices and ensure the efficiency of their operation during training and collaboration.

You can remotely control hundreds and thousands of SMART Board panels

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